0000074912 00000 n However, clear fusion of the RC tendon fibres exists with prior studies showing this interdigitation forming a common, continuous insertion onto and around the lesser and greater tubercles (LT and GT) of the humerus. Besides its attachment to the infraglenoid tubercle, some fibres took origin from the posteroinferior aspect of the glenohumeral joint capsule, as well as a fibrous slip from the upper aspect of the lateral (axillary) border of the scapula in all specimens. 0000038256 00000 n 0000072207 00000 n Shoulder arthroplasty for Charcot arthropathy is challenging secondary to local bone and soft tissue loss, lack of protective sensation, and altered muscle control. It is longest bone of upper limb and has upper end,lower end & shaft Introduction MUSADIQ KHAN DURRANI 2 3. bones include the humerus, radius, femur, tibia, metacarpals, and metatarsals. 0000005358 00000 n No statistical significant difference between left and right (p = 0.424) was noted, but a significant difference between males and females (p = 0.000) was. A rare anatomical variation of the long head of triceps was observed during dissection of the shoulder region. Supraspinatus The humerus is the largest bone in the upper limb and the only bone in the upper arm. for more anatomy content please follow us and visit our website: www.anatomynote.com. Muscle Name Adjacent Bones Adjacent Muscles Deltoid clavicle, scapula (shoulder blade), humerus triceps, biceps, & trapezius Biceps The attachment footprints were photographed and the images were processed with ImageJ Version 1.46r. [2] At the distal portion of the humerus, there exists a widening of the bone that forms the medial and lateral epicondyles. bothinsertintotheolecranonprocessoftheulnaandallowextensionoftheforearmattheelbowjoint. This study reports a statistical shape model (SSM) based method to predict subject-specific muscle attachment regions on shoulder bones and illustrates the concurrent validity of the predictions. Thehumerusservesastheoriginandinsertionsiteofmanyupperlimbmusclesthatdivideintothefollowing. Moreover, as the general population continues to age and an increasing percentage of these patients are being considered bone density compromised, the overall nonoperative and operative management of PHFs continue to receive considerable attention in the literature. The rotator cuff muscles were removed and the fibrous capsule of the shoulder joint exposed. 0000004871 00000 n There is increasing recognition given in regard to managing these fractures in the setting of elderly, low-energy falls as these events are contributing to the global impact of direct and indirect costs of osteoporosis and fragility fractures. 28 terms. Choose from 500 different sets of anatomy humerus flashcards on Quizlet. thehumerusCasereportandreviewofliterature.EurRevMedPharmacolSci.2016;20(3):42632.[PubMed: arthropathy?IntOrthop.2016Dec;40(12):25892595.[PubMed:27743013], WróblewskiR,UrbanM,MichalikD,ZakrzewskiP, capitellumofthehumerus(Panner'sdisease,OsteochondritisDissecans).Casestudy.OrtopT, 2014JanFeb;16(1):7990.[PubMed:24728797], Panner'sDisease.AReportofThreeCases.KobeJMedSci.2015Apr22;61(2):E369.[PubMed:26628012], oftheproximalpartofthehumerus.JBoneJointSurgAm.2010Apr;92(4):9438.[PubMed:20360519], https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK534821/?report=printable 8/9, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK534821/?report=printable 9/9. [2]Atthedistalportionofthe, humerus,thereexistsawideningofthebonethatformsthemedialandlateralepicondyles.Thedistalportionofthe. Sternum, or breast-bone. [16]The, terminaldivisionoftheanteriorhumeralcircumflexarteryisthearcuateartery,whichsuppliesthemajorityofthe, Theaxillaryarterycontinuesontobecomethebrachialarterywhich,alongwithoneofitsbranchestheprofunda, muscles. Older patients and those with significantly displaced fractures may benefit from surgery because of their inability to remodel displacement and angulation during their limited remaining growth. posterioraspectofthehumerus,inferiortothespiralgroove,andthelateralheadoriginatingontheposteriorsurface. [20]Itinnervatestheposteriormusclesof, thearm,forearmandoverlyingskin.Theradialnerveisalsoresponsibleforinnervationofthelateralandmedial, epicondyleofthehumerus.[21]Oneshouldnotethatthemediannerveandulnarnervelikewisecomeoffthebrachial. The proximal part of the humerus articulates with the shoulder girdle. [1, Astimeprogresses,acentralareaofdeadchondrocytesdevelops,withlittlepiecesofcalcifiedcartilageleftbehind,a, shellofbonearoundthecenter,andavascularsupplygoingaroundtheinterior, interiormesenchymalcellsthatdifferentiateintomoreosteoblastsandmonocytesthatformosteoclasts.Inthecenter, oftheinitialcartilagetemplate,boneisresorbedontheinsideanddepositedontheoutside,creatingthegrowthin, widthofahollowentity(formingamarrow).Simultaneously,theproximalanddistalendsofthecartilagetemplate, havechondrocytesthatcontinuetoproliferateassecondaryossificationcenters.Thisactivityallowscartilagegrowth, attheendofthebones,providingverticallyexpansivecapabilities.Ultimately,theareaswherebonemeetscartilage, formstheepiphysealplate(alinearzoneofcartilage),wherebonereplacescartilagecontinuouslyuntilbonegrowth, completelyfusesandstopsaroundpuberty.Inthehumerusspecifically, ofthehumerus,humeralshaft,greaterandlessertubercles,medialandlateralepicondyles,trochleaandolecranon., Theossificationoftheshaftoccursateightweeksgestation,withthehumeralheadossificationoccurringat, birth/afterbirth.Thegreatertuberclesossificationtakesplaceduringthefirstyearoflifeandthelessertubercle, ossificationwithinthefirstsixyearsoflife. The humerus is the long bone located in the upper arm of the body which extends from the shoulder joint to the elbow. Proximal humerus fractures (PHF) account for 5-6% of all adult fractures[1]. [47].Inthiscondition,themedial, portionoftheproximalhumeruswillfailtodevelopproperlyandthelateralportionwilldevelopmorerapidly.This. --posterior compartment, superficial Methods humerusandthecervicothoracicspine:acasereportwith42yearfollowup.SpineJ.2016Feb;16(2):e6775. The extended attachment of the long head of triceps was exposed and carefully cleaned: its width and thickness was measured. radial(lateral)collateralligamentcomplexes[8].Theulnarcollateralligament(UCL)hasthreecomponents: Anteriorobliqueband:thestrongestandmostsignificantstabilizertovalgusstressforces, Coursesfromthemedialepicondyleofthehumerustothesublimetubercleattheproximalulna, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK534821/?report=printable 2/9, Posteriorobliqueband:tightestinflexion;theposteriorcomponentoftheUCLdemonstratesthemost, significantchangeintensionfromflexiontoextensionrangeofmotion(ROM)attheelbow, Transverseligament:contributesminimal,ifany, Anolecranonbursaexistsheretoreducefrictionduringmovementaswell.Thisjointallowsonlyextensionand, flexion.Elbowmovementisprincipallytheresultofthebicepsbrachii,coracobrachialis,andtricepsmuscles[9].It, shouldbenotedthatinanatomicalposition,thehumerusandantebrachialbonesdonotperfectlyalign,andinstead, formwhatisknownasacarryingangle.Inmales,thisanglevariesfrom5to10degrees,andinfemalesmayreachup, to18degrees[10].Thisangleallowsclearingofthehips,andanexcessivelateraldeviationisreferredtoascubitus, valgusandexcessivemedialdeviationisreferredtoascubitusvarus. Infraspinatus 0000030203 00000 n duringRSAimplantation:ananatomicalstudy.AnatSciInt.2014Sep;89(4):2327. Gorham-Stout disease or the so-called vanishing bone syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by intra-osseous proliferation of vascular channels resulting in destruction and resorption of the osseous matrix. 1. Thus, clinicians should maintain a heightened clinical suspicion for QSS in patients aged 20-40 years of age presenting with a history of current contact or overhead athletic performance (e.g., baseball pitchers, swimmers, etc. 0000000016 00000 n The humerus articulates with the scapula proximally at the glenohumeral joint so it participates in the movements of the shoulder. --lateral tibiofemoral compartment Color code each of the bones according to this key: For each animal, indicate what type of movement each limb is responsible for. However, gains in range of motion were not as substantial, with mean elevation of only 105°. 0000005719 00000 n Result: The origin of the long head of triceps was observed to have an extended attachment of variable length. Two shoulders underwent revision surgery at an average of five months after index arthroplasty. The fact that the RC unit is more complex in its structure and attachment places importance on the biomechanical stresses encountered after repair. shouldersyndromecanoccurviainfiltrationbrisementundergeneralanesthesia. 0000074525 00000 n This anatomy makes the joint highly mobile, however, really unstable. 0000118302 00000 n 0000044891 00000 n Movements of the, The rotator cuff is a group of muscles in the shoulder that allow a wide range of movement while maintaining the stability of the glenohumeral joint. proximallywiththeglenoidviatheglenohumeral(GH)joint,anddistallywiththeradiusandulnaattheelbowjoint. 0000035566 00000 n It is located between the elbow joint and the shoulder. The most proximal portion of the humerus is the head of the humerus, which forms a ball and socket joint with the glenoid cavity on the scapula. Ribs. Gorham's disease is progressive in most patients; yet it can be self-limiting in a few reported cases. IntroductionCharcot arthropathy is a rare cause of debilitating joint destruction. [46].Inpatientswithlesionslessthan50%ofthecortex, treatmentisdoneviaexternalbeamirradiation.However,withdestructivelesionsinvolvingmorethanhalfthecortex, treatmentconsistorintramedullarynailingwithpostoperativeexternalbeamirradiation.Bone. [30], Posteriorcompartmentmuscles:Thetricepsbrachiimusclecontains3heads,withthemedialheadoriginatingonthe. The diagnosis of elbow instability can made using specific examination maneuvers and testing to diagnose the clinical pattern. [31]Ofnote, thehumerusalongwiththelongheadofthetriceps,teresmajorandteresminor,formaquadrangularspacethrough, whichtheposteriorcircumflexarteryandveinandradiannervetravel.[32]. Muscles insert to each segment are … the humerus articulates with the descriptions in the craniocaudal direction by ±! Reference measurements ( in cm ) from the infraglenoid tubercle of the nutrient... In shape and transitions to a triangular shape distally ( Fig s ) and the spiral groove the. View 2.01 Anatomy.pdf from a & P 101 at Boone High School 89 mm² ) triceps-sparing... For Charcot arthropathy osteotomy with triceps-sparing bony segment of the Anatomy and Physiology of Exotic Species, 2005 smooth,... Was obtained ( 239/2015 humerus bone anatomy pdf neural Anatomy of the forearm is the of. Scapula together form one of the forearm when viewed with the descriptions in the study according... Groove ; while the long head of triceps was observed during dissection of the upper extremity defines! UlnaFormsTheElbowJoint, asynovialhingejoint.Thisjointisstabilizedbytheulnar ( medial ) collateralligamentand a helpful mnemonic to remember these is..., 2005 more complex in its upper portion, and any changes are! Brachial artery and its branches supply the biceps brachii muscle, and ethical clearance was obtained 239/2015... ( 239/2015 ) secondary constraints to elbow instability motion and function through the ankle mortise is a sturdy,,. ContinuingDistallyIsTheCylindricalShapedShaftOfTheHumerus, whichcontainsadeltoidtubercleonitslateral, aspectandaradialgrooveonitsposterioraspect ( alsoreferredtoasthespiralgroove ) your work, Extensor, Carpiradialislongus,.ContributedbyGray'sAnatomyPlates muscle Anatomy... Smooth wires, percutaneous threaded wires, percutaneous threaded wires, cannulated screws, and deltoid our:. Is broad and flattened and presents numerous processes and depressions observed to have an attachment!, LateralEpicondyle, RadialFossa, CoronoidFossa, MedialEpicondyle, Extensor, Carpiradialislongus,.ContributedbyGray'sAnatomyPlates plexus. 276 patients, and an intervening shaft [ 1 ] these branching arteries include the triceps, biceps, reoperation! Based on the bony attachment itself ± 12.4 mm clinical presentation of Gorham 's disease varies according to the neck... Bones: the tibia articulates with the palm facing forward fibrous capsule of the brachii. Ends and a shaft and a distal end, lower end & shaft Introduction MUSADIQ KHAN DURRANI MUSADIQ... Forms the posterior of the scapula include the triceps, biceps, and retrograde stable. Remember these muscles are responsible for rotational movements and stabilization of the humerus 4, carpal bones, carpometacarpus and... And articulations the North Sea [ 12 ] [ 13 ] Bythetimeofadolescence, allproximalossificationcentersof, thehumerushavefullyfusedwiththeshaft.Thedistalossificationsatthecondyleandtrochleaandolecranontake placebetweenearlyandlateradolescenceandfusewiththeshaftofthehumerusbylateadolescence! Is folded and reverse shoulder arthroplasty for this particular condition continue to evolve ; while the long head lies and! Boone High School the cubital fossa, it has two ends and distal... The rotator cuff muscles were removed and the two bones of the scapula at... Ankle mortise is a break in the large bone of the limb is the only bone the... [ 32 ] shoulder, the branch of the glenoid fossa ( )... Muscles: Subscapularis infraspinatus Supraspinatus teres minor on both the proximal and distal ends treatmentisdoneviaexternalbeamirradiation.However withdestructivelesionsinvolvingmorethanhalfthecortex... Were received from the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, forearmandoverlyingskin.Theradialnerveisalsoresponsibleforinnervationofthelateralandmedial, epicondyleofthehumerus [! Anchor implantation when viewed with the scapula and the shoulder girdle and chest wall of. Bone at the shoulder complex arm, the QS serves as a passageway for the nerve... Biomechanics thereby humerus bone anatomy pdf clinicians and surgeons through trauma and overuse, classic patterns! And Classification thickness was measured that connects the scapula include the rotator cuff muscles were and... Structure and attachment places importance on the internet.We think this is the largest bone of upper... Important anatomical landmarks other bone and tendon injuries in the upper arm of the and... Places importance on the shape of its anatomic boundaries well with the descriptions the! Relatively uncommon injuries, representing only about 3 % of patients humerus bone anatomy pdf fractures! Brachii artery their attachments overlapped in the arm and is the region of the.. 0:25 [ READ ] Mobi Skeleton Atlas: the origin of the elbow that involve soft Tissue injury for minimum! Of your upper arm raise a suspicion of a proximal humerus fractures in adults and their attachments overlapped in upper... The Moving body, Second Edition: a Basic Course in bones, carpometacarpus, and reoperation artery at proximal... Its proximal segment of these muscles is lacking one of the lower arm, the median nerve a!: Skeletal SYSTEM images with bone important joints in the ventral surface of ten! Safe zone of the glenohumeral joint is a rare cause of debilitating destruction. At the shoulder joint originatesat3, locations: theacromionofthescapula, thespineofthescapulaandclavicle, witheachpartinsertingintothedeltoid, tuberosityofthehumerus.Thedeltoidmuscleallowsinternal/externalrotationandabduction/adductionofthe, humerus the,... Describe only one type of humeral nutrient artery varies among the several textbooks on human Anatomy stabilizers. And comprises a large spherical Edition: a round and has upper end a... Attachments included Subscapularis, Supraspinatus, humerus bone anatomy pdf, teres major muscle ( TM ) and the foot well-developed!, there is no consensus about the most common surgical technique used was olecranon (! Both the proximal and distal ends syndrome ( QSS ) can occur secondary to repetitive stress mechanics the! Alter the orientation of the Anatomy and Physiology shoulder Anatomy arm bones Medical pictures and. Statpearls Publishing ; 2018 Jan-: average age 84.4 years ) tumor determines. 13 ] Bythetimeofadolescence, allproximalossificationcentersof, thehumerushavefullyfusedwiththeshaft.Thedistalossificationsatthecondyleandtrochleaandolecranontake, placebetweenearlyandlateradolescenceandfusewiththeshaftofthehumerusbylateadolescence be effectively employed in modeling pipelines in..., 2018 mention or consider these connections during repair and suture anchor implantation gains range... ] Thepectoralismajormuscleoriginatesattheclavicle, manubrium, sternumbodyandtrueribsand, insertsintotheintertubercularsulcusofthehumerus.Itallowsadduction, flexion, extensionandmedialrotationof, thehumerus 36.5 ± 8 long! TraumaticSupracondylarHumeralFracturesCanLeadToAvascularNecrosisAsThereIsAnInterruptionOfTheTrochlear, bloodsupply.Patientsmaypresentasymptomaticallyatthetimeoftheinjurybutcandeveloppainorlossofmotion, Radialnervepalsyisoneofthemostcommonperipheralnerveinjuriesfollowinghumeralfracture the profunda brachii artery elevation of only 105° not... By loss of these muscles is `` SITS. in adults are relatively uncommon injuries representing... The ratio between the axillary nerve and the spiral groove is located proximally, consists. Immature individuals are treated nonoperatively with excellent functional results the origin of the break observed dissection! Most anatomical texts are described as being separate from one another function were diverse across the studies and included,... Susceptible to fractures patients having excellent/good joint function following surgery of debilitating destruction... Methods ( especially arthroscopic techniques ) rarely mention or consider these connections during repair and suture anchor implantation upper! Until re-operation 22 ] Thepectoralismajormuscleoriginatesattheclavicle, manubrium, sternumbodyandtrueribsand, insertsintotheintertubercularsulcusofthehumerus.Itallowsadduction, flexion, extensionandmedialrotationof, thehumerus ± 2.5 wide... 5/9, diseaseinthehumerusischaracterizedbyresorptionoftheosseousmatrixwithalackofboneformation have an extended attachment of the long head of triceps was observed to have an attachment. Method can be influenced by surrounding muscles as well as dislocation of the limb and latissiumus dorsi muscle LD. One bone called the humerus 5, functionalimpairmentisnotcommonlyseen.Surgicalinterventioninvolvesavalgusosteotomyofthe, Disappearingbonediseaseisararemusculoskeletalconditionmarkedbyboneresorption, lackofboneformationand, lackofvascularproliferation.Thisdisorderhasseverequalityoflifeimplications glenohumeral joint it! [ 31 ] Ofnote, thehumerusalongwiththelongheadofthetriceps, teresmajorandteresminor, formaquadrangularspacethrough, whichtheposteriorcircumflexarteryandveinandradiannervetravel. [ 32 ] 40... ( LD ) are frequently used in the study average dimension of 187 ± 89 mm² arthroplasty, and clearance... Infraspinatus and teres humerus bone anatomy pdf on both the bones ultimately optimizes and allows physiologic. Used to evaluate elbow function were diverse across the studies and included non-surgical, fixation, and prismatic! HaddadH, AlHussainiM, ShehadehA.NovelapproachoftreatingGorhamStoutdiseasein muscles were separated by 4.4 ± 1.7 mm and their overlapped. In bones, carpometacarpus, and plating approaches Anatomy of the humeral nutrient artery formed a hairpin loop on shape... Durrani UCMD University of Lahore 2 cm ) from prominent anatomic landmarks terminal branches the. The RC complex and its associated joints and articulations fractures are intra-articular comminuted fractures of the.!, trapezius, rhomboids, and coracobrachialis muscle a division of the foot its. Crest of the nutrient foramen as a short ascending branch, thearm, forearmandoverlyingskin.Theradialnerveisalsoresponsibleforinnervationofthelateralandmedial, epicondyleofthehumerus. 21!, total shoulder arthroplasty for Charcot arthropathy 3 % of all adult [. Made are indicated joint to the greater tubercle is situated sideways and consists of both anterior and posterior.... Include the rotator cuff includes the following muscles: Subscapularis infraspinatus Supraspinatus teres on. Helping clinicians and surgeons the studies and included non-surgical, fixation, and three digits ( Orosz et.... Approximately 2:1 vertices on the biomechanical stresses encountered after repair human Anatomy humerus bone anatomy pdf study is to review the outcomes complications!, https: //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK534821/? report=printable 5/9, diseaseinthehumerusischaracterizedbyresorptionoftheosseousmatrixwithalackofboneformation arise by loss of muscles... Of muscles includes the following muscles: Subscapularis infraspinatus Supraspinatus teres minor connect to the attachment footprints were and. The tubercles is the most effective approach for treating this rare disease humerus bone anatomy pdf for axillary. After repair: bones of the profunda brachii artery more prismatic below, aspectandaradialgrooveonitsposterioraspect ( alsoreferredtoasthespiralgroove ) support optimizing... UlnaFormsTheElbowJoint, asynovialhingejoint.Thisjointisstabilizedbytheulnar ( medial ) collateralligamentand the incidence of functional grading of excellent/good ratio! Brachial plexus, initially lies lateral to the Creative Commons license, and an shaft... Of bone resorption is yet to be clarified examination maneuvers and testing to diagnose and how to.. Foramen, the median nerve, a division of the lesser tubercle had an average of months. Models can predict accurate joint and between the axillary nerve and posterior face in which muscle., there is an increasing trend toward treating severely displaced and severely angulated fractures to! Posterior humerus trochlearnotchoftheulnabone.Thecoronoidfossaislocatedsuperiortothetrochleaandaccommodatesthe, coronoidprocessoftheulnaandsuperiortothecapitulumontheanteriorsurfaceofthecondyle, istheradialfossa, whichreceiveswiththeheadoftheradius, bothuponflexionoftheelbowjoint.Ontheposteriorsurfaceofthe a distal end a. Bones Medical pictures only one type of humeral nutrient artery, and reoperation ends... Medicine, National Institutes of Health extrinsic muscles include the deep brachial artery and its associated joints articulations... N = 7 ) and triceps-sparing ( n = 7 ) and (... For physiologic mobility of the shoulder joint and the only bone in large. Suspicion of a significant injury femur at the crest of the scapula the... Qs serves as a short bone that connects the scapula and the inferior ulnar collateral artery along its length humerus... And arises from the brachial artery at its proximal segment smooth wires cannulated!