This page has been accessed 518,820 times. Fest Zest • Hooked • Callie is a very fashionable Inkling and has a more 'edgy' design in comparison to her cousin. Despite these setbacks, they eventually rose in fame, quickly becoming Inkopolis' premier pop icons in the process. Telephone's Theme • Add the first question. Fans obviously wanted her to stick around. It's another great day, so let's give it our best! Her attire suggests she is hiding her real identity from any fans that may happen to see her. Tidal Rush • Callie is a part of the Squid Sisters pop idol duo and a former host of Inkopolis News, along with her cousin Marie. Splat! TEST PASSED! Ink Theory • Last Battle Opening • R.I.P. No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. Octarians, Annie • Off the Hook (Pearl • Marina) • Eight-Legged Advance • Callie also seems to have a fascination with clothing and makeup. She also helped announce updates and Splatfest news and could be seen chatting with Marie in the Inkopolis News Studio. Her hair bang appears to be somewhat unruly when in motion or jumping, showing the white at the bottom, as shown in the, Although her hair is mostly black, Callie's normal, During the Inkopolis News when discussing weapon preferences for. #16 salty • Inside the Deepsea Metro Subway Car • Squid Sisters (Callie • Marie), Agent 3 • Seaskape • Unlike Marie's sarcastic quips, Callie always seems to have something happy and innocent to say. CALLIE is a nostalgic and heartfelt tale of friendship, secrets and loss. #1 progress • Cap'n Cuttlefish's Theme • She, along with Marie, first appeared in Issue 1 of the CoroCoro manga Splatoon, where she announced the CoroCoro Cup. Callie is very cheerful and excitable, and usually sports a grin on her face. Her shorts appear to be made of black leather and are low cut enough to reveal a glimpse of pink fabric, possibly her undergarments, and her tights are dark purple with a magenta tinge and sequins, giving them a galactic look. Callie gravitates towards exciting outdoor activities, such as driving, running around, and going camping. #2 ripped • • Kraken Up • SashiMori • Instead of dating Brandon, she began dating Wyatt. Battle Defeat. • It is Telgemeier’s third book and her first fiction graphic novel—her first two were autobiographical. Maia Mitchell (born August 18, 1993) is an Australian actress. Jelfonzo • Shellfie • Crusty Sean • Split & Splat • Throughout Octo Valley, Callie is heard communicating with Cuttlefish, Marie, and Agent 3 regarding the looming Octarian menace. While brainwashed by DJ Octavio, she wears a radically different outfit - a small black crop top exposing her midriff with three pink marks like her stage outfit, revealing a pink octopus-shaped temporary tattoo near her navel. Onward! The purple accessory had changed to green and red, and she had what seems to be a blue inner tube strapped to her back. Low Tide • Callie's Japanese name is derived from a real-world species: "Aori-ika" is the Japanese name for the. ω-3 • #4 dunno • Calamari is an Italian squid dish and translates to "squid". Cephaloparade • Octo Canyon • She hates Flooders and spinning platforms, as she easily becomes motion sick, and cannot ride a bicycle or drive, which is ironic as she represented cars in the Cars vs. She also told Team Blue about Booyah Base along with Marie. Her favorite food is chips. DJ Real Sole • Octo Eight-Step • Turquoise October, Inkling • Chirpy Chips • Her favorite special weapon seems to be the Bomb Rush - therefore, her favorite weapon might be the Carbon Roller Deco as it is the only roller with Bomb Rush. Jellyfish • The group eventually reunited during Enter the Octobot King!. During a Splatfest, any part of Callie's appearance that is normally magenta changed to match the color of her Splatfest team, including the ends of her tentacles. in Educational Theatre, certification for Pre-K through Grade 12, from New York University. Realising that the Great Zapfish had also gone missing and Cap'n Cuttlefish was not around to guard DJ Octavio, Marie left to Inkopolis Square to find an Inkling who could help her. As diehard Grey's viewers recall, Ramirez portrayed Callie — Arizona's (Capshaw) ex-wife who moved to New York with then-girlfriend Penny — when … Yeah! Crusty Sean • At Tentakeel Outpost, Callie wears a more casual outfit: a white shirt with a black undershirt and a pink hoodie, a pair of black shorts, a pair of brown heeled shoes with pink socks sticking out, earrings, and the same pink beanie she wears as Agent 1 of the same color as her hoodie with the yellow star introduced in Splatoon. She also loves to eat and often talks about food, much to the chagrin and occasional disgust of Marie. Drama is a Young Adult graphic novel by Raina Telgemeier published in 2012. She is also optimistic and caring; in the Japanese version of Splatoon, she thanks her Splatfest team for doing their best regardless of whether she won or not. Bottom Feeders • Her earrings have been replaced by golden octopus-shaped earrings and her hat resembles an octopus tentacle or takoyaki (fried octopus). Octoling • Li'l Judd • Hooked • For American audiences, she co-starred in the Freeform drama, The Fosters. Sucker Punch • She is also the creator of Drama and Ghosts, and is the adapter and illustrator of four Baby-sitters Club graphic novels. [2] #12 awake • Sheldon, Bob Dub • Misc: The music is really on point, about what I’d expect from a Chinese drama. • Calamari Inkantation • Drama is a rather appropriate title for this charming graphic novel for and about middle graders. Ink Another Day, Color Pulse • Chirpy Chips • Her tentacles, which are black with a purplish-pink tinge at the ends, are very long and tied in a large bow on the back of her head, leaving the ends to dangle, along with a bang swept to the right of her face. But she doesn’t know much about carpentry, and there’s no way she can afford Broadway production on a middle-school budget. Among those … #11 above • Riptide Rupture • Chirpy Chips • Russell T Davies Bottom Feeders • Now or Never! Broken Coral • Some of her Splatfest choices are energetic and uplifting - for example, her choices of Fit, Love and Perfect Body. Great Octoweapons • Muck Warfare • On the front are three magenta marks, which, somewhat morbidly, resemble the cuts made in squid when it is cooked. Shark Bytes • She looks at the bright side of things while providing stage commentary. Craymond • Quizzes | Create a quiz Progress: 1 of 10 questions . During the Inkopolis Live concert at Tokaigi 2018, Callie briefly speaks in katakana as a joke. With work forcing the Squid Sisters continually further apart, Marie began to worry that the Splatfest had harmed their relationship. The medical drama first made headlines back in October 2006 after reports surfaced that Isaiah Washington, who played Dr. Preston Burke, used a … Callie often strikes her 'Stay Fresh!' Even if the show itself lets me down I can usually enjoy the OST. People expect the basic template of television drama where there might be naughty villains, but everyone ends up having a nice cup of tea. If the final boss mission is replayed, Callie's reason for siding with the Octarians again is that the hypnoshades "look good on her". Squid Sisters (Callie • Marie) • While posing as Agent 1, she wears a pink beanie with a star on the left side with her bang showing, a pair of sunglasses, and what appears to be a pink T-shirt. Shooting Starfish • Written by Kiele Sanchez was born on October 13, 1977 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Kiele Michelle Sanchez. DRAMA is about girl named Callie who is in a acting class at school. Into the Light • Seventh-grader Callie Marin is over-the-moon to be on stage crew again this year for Eucalyptus Middle School’s production of Moon over Mississippi. With this outfit, she wears magenta tights, white gloves, and a small, white, pointed neck accessory giving the impression of a shirt collar. Octotune • Bomb Rush Blush • • This is a reference to the final Splatfest announcement dialogue, where Callie said to Marie "You and your gray hair are going down, grandma!". Kiele Sanchez, Actress: A Perfect Getaway. City of Color • #8 regret • At centre stage is Callie, a theatre enthusiast and set designer for the stage crew at her school, who hopes to create a veritable bang in this year’s production of Moon Over Mississippi. Judd • Squidbeak Splatoon, DJ Octavio • This page was last edited on 6 December 2020, at 11:50. Spyke • #6 frisk • The Girl from Inkopolis • With Teri Polo, Sherri Saum, Hayden Byerly, David Lambert. Sunken Scroll, Squid Squad • Callie Torres is similar to these characters: Cristina Yang, Erica Hahn, Preston Burke and more. She wears a pink and white hat resembling the Japanese fast food known as Ikayaki on her head and has a beauty mark on her left cheek. Splattack! Splattack! Splatoon 2 Live in Makuhari, Haicalive at Tokaigi 2018 • (Octo) • Bisk • (Jam Session) • Callie loves theater. Squid Sisters (Callie • Marie), Ammoses Shellendorf • While doing so, Marie began receiving peculiar radio messages that were later revealed to be coming from Callie. Ever Further. After initially making a news broadcast about the disappearance of the Great Zapfish, she appeared as Agent 1 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon, led by her grandfather, Cap'n Cuttlefish, with Marie as Agent 2. Turquoise October • Cap'n Cuttlefish • She is best known for her role as Brittany Flune in the children's television series Mortified for Nine Network Australia and as Natasha Hamilton in the Seven Network's teen drama Trapped. Fishing Frenzy • • Lookin' Fresh • However, this success did not make them instant stars. Sucker Punch • Instead she's the set designer for the stage crew, and this year she's determined to create a set worthy of Broadway on a middle-school budget. He’s over A.J.’s drama with Callie before it even begins. Haicalive at Chokaigi 2018 • Sheldon • She is particularly attentive to Marie's changes in mood, even noting when the latter wants to drink a latte based on expression alone. Raina lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Callie loves theater. But Callie has a secret; one that will change both of their lives forever and leave Jenn wondering what, if anything in their relationship was real. Splatune • Shiokalive at Chokaigi 2016 • But Callie has a secret; one that will change both of their lives forever and leave Jenn wondering what, if anything in their relationship was real. #5 thirsty • Octoling Rendezvous • As the final phase of the battle with DJ Octavio began, Callie and Marie performed the Calamari Inkantation, revealing their true identities as the Squid Sisters, freeing Cuttlefish, and spurring Agent 3 to defeat Octavio. When her middle school prepares a production of the musical Moon Over Mississippi, Callie has ambitious ideas for building the sets so that the play is Broadway-worthy. I love Raina Telgemeier though! Raina Telgemeier is the #1 New York Times bestselling, multiple Eisner Award-winning creator of Smile and Sisters, which are both graphic memoirs based on her childhood. Fresh Start • You've got to do big moral choices and show the terrible things people do in terrible situations. She values her bond with her cousin Marie, with the two having been inseparable since they were young. Ebb & Flow • Given the existence of the Hero Roller Replica and her role as Agent 1, it is possible that Callie used a Roller in Octo Valley. Off the Hook (Pearl • Marina) • Calamari Inkantation • Raina Telgemeier, creator of "Smile" and "Drama", shows us how she draws her characters Raina and Callie. Brandon soon confessed his feelings for her early on in the series, in The Morning After, but she rejected him due to a bad experience when she was raped by a former foster brother, Liam Olmstead. They appear in the fight against DJ Octavio and battle alongside both Agent 3s, with Callie using the Hero Roller. Spyke, Bob Dub • Shipwreckin' • 「デッカイ キカイにのって、だれかと たたかって…って あれ?キオクが… アハハ、なんてね!」(Rough translation by [ゴリライブ] 迫真ゴリラ:,,, Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo, While brainwashed, Callie becomes ruthless and power-hungry and uses cruel jokes, even referring to her cousin Marie as "grandma". DJ Octavio • Callie Llewellyn (she/her/hers) has a B.S. Shiokalive at Cho Party 2016, Agent 4 • After Marie hits Callie with her low-tide ink, she begins to regain her ability to speak normally. Drama is critically acclaimed and spent 240 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list.This guide refers to the 2012 edition by Scholastic/Graphix. Ink Theory • Great Zapfish • She is an actress, known for A Perfect Getaway (2009), The Purge: Anarchy (2014) and Lost (2004). Dubble Bath, Opening • • Callie loves to read acting books at the library. Dedf1sh • Created by Bradley Bredeweg, Peter Paige. Interns Didn't Like Callie A multi-ethnic family with a mix of foster and biological kids are being raised by two moms. Zapfish, Splattack! Inkopolis News • and while she would totally try out for her middle school's production of "Moon over Mississippi," she's a terrible singer. Characters similar to or like Callie Torres. Octarians • Also because of the experience, she knew getting involved could mean she and Jude being kicked out of the house. In modern day New York City, a lonely young woman, Jenn meets the mysterious Callie and the two form an instant friendship. C.Q. Cap'n Cuttlefish • Hightide Era • As a child, Callie wore traditional Japanese-style clothing, and her tentacles were somewhat messy and much shorter, with the longest one falling just past her left ear. Grizzco Industries • #13 shade • Off the Hook Concert at Polymanga 2018 • Like, the opposite of what it actually was, just like Le Coup de Foudre. When Stef is at the h… Endolphin Surge • Iso Padre • She and Marie are hosts and commentators for that tournament. Closeup of Callie, showing the plus-shaped pupils unique to her and Pearl, along with Marie, Callie watching Marie’s solo performance during their final Splatfest, Callie's eyes next to her team's Splatfest Power, Official animation of Callie from a promo video for Splatfests, Icon of Callie as Agent 1 for Octo Valley. Wave Prism • Eventually sharing a day off, the two met up to dispel their worries and agreed on taking a short trip home to Calamari County. CALLIE is a nostalgic and heartfelt tale of friendship, secrets and loss. The two revealed the Great Zapfish's return on Inkopolis News, not disclosing their part in its rescue, and performed Maritime Memory over the credits. Overview. • Chopscrewey • At NYU, Ms. Llewellyn explored her various interests in the theatrical field. I am Octavio • Diss-Pair • Their stunning performance earned them a standing ovation from the audience, as well as a first-place trophy and certificate. Ebb & Flow (Demo) • Her outfit, which appears to be a romper with a corset and purplish pink lacing in the back and puffy shorts, is black with a reflective texture as if covered in sequins. Now or Never! Callie was raised in Calamari County. Jelonzo • As detailed in the Squid Sisters Stories, by nine months after the Callie vs. Marie Splatfest, the Squid Sisters rocketed to new heights of popularity, becoming the biggest stars in Inkling society. However, some reports indicate that of the characters registered on the IMDB page, who are still alive in the Grey’s Anatomy universe and are no longer in the medical drama, they are Sara Ramírez, interpreter of Callie Torres and that of Sandra Oh by Cristina Yang. New You • Buoyant Boogie • On the left side of her head, she wore some sort of purple accessory, resembling the feather part of her hat, and her bang was swept to the left like Marie's instead of the right. Squid Sisters at Japan Expo 2016 • This FAQ is empty. pose while announcing her Splatfest choice. Their lives are turned upside Topic. At a young age, she became interested in singing and entered Inkopolis' first annual Youth Folk-Singing Contest with her cousin, Marie. DJ Lee Fish • Metalopod • As he points out, the kid is overreacting. She is also incredibly rich - also ironic as she did not represent money in the Love vs. Money Splatfest. Acid Hues • Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Octoweaponry • Party's Over, Happy Little Workers • Additionally, she wears a pair of sunglasses revealed to be DJ Octavio's hypnoshades, which he uses to keep her under his influence. In modern day New York City, a lonely young woman, Jenn meets the mysterious Callie and the two form an instant ... View production, box office, & company info. Tentacular Circus • She has been married to … Callie as she appears in the Splatoon manga, holding a Splattershot Jr. Callie-themed box art for the Callie vs. Marie Splatfest, A Callie-themed postcard for the Callie vs. Marie Splatfest, T-shirt by Editmode for the Callie vs. Marie Splatfest, Tuna Mayonnaise Onigiri vs. Red Salmon Onigiri, Mushroom Mountain vs. Bamboo Shoot Village, Callie performing live at Shiokalive at Tokaigi 2016, Callie performing her debut, Bomb Rush Blush at Shiokalive at Chokaigi 2016, Callie live at Haicalive Kyoto Mix, her outfit color scheme resembles the Famicom, Callie as she appears while brainwashed by DJ Octavio, Callie's hypnoshades being shot off by Marie, A dazed Callie after her hypnoshades are removed, Callie transforming back into her Squid Sisters outfit, Callie dancing to Spicy Calamari Inkantation, Callie's second icon in Octo Canyon, after being released from brainwashing, Callie's third icon in Octo Canyon, at Tentakeel Outpost, A mem cake of a brainwashed Callie from Octo Expansion, Agent 3 • Now or Never! Fictional character from the medical drama television series Grey's Anatomy, which airs on the ABC in the United States. DJ Octavio • Diss-Pair • As children, they enjoyed star-gazing and playing tag together. Turf Master • Splatune 2 • With this extra fame and work, they eventually stepped down as hosts of Inkopolis News to focus on their solo careers and were replaced by Pearl and Marina of Off the Hook. • Noticeably, her beauty mark is not present. DJ Lee Fish • Easily distracted by cute, pretty, or striking things, many of her stage comments are about something completely irrelevant to the battle. She likes a boy who finds out he is gay in acting class. Battle Victory • Seventh-grader Callie's passion for theater is expressed through her work backstage, rather than by aiming for the spotlight. Tentacular Circus • Now or Never! After DJ Octavio was defeated for the second time, the Squid Sisters made a new single, Fresh Start, which is played over the credits. Callie was raised in Calamari County. She is currently on the Youth Equestrian National Team (commonly characterized as YENT) as of her last appearance, alongside Heather Fox, Brit Chan, and Sasha Silver. Her black eye markings end in small eyelash-like points, and her eyebrows are large and oval-shaped. She has expressed a fear of heights, ghosts, skateboarding, and even Bluefin Depot. Inkstrike Shuffle • Dedf1sh • The Drama: Raina Telgemeier quiz. Turquoise October • Cephaloparade • Kinetosis • Seasick • Their stunning performance earned them a standing ovation from the audience, as well as a first-place trophy and certificate. Callie needs to find a way to make this year’s performance a performance to never forget while sticking to … Great Zapfish • Seaskape • Ink Me Up • On her feet, Callie wears a pair of black wedge shoes with a texture like leather, which has a shiny purplish-pink material on the bottom and two pink buttons on either side of the ankle. Rip Entry • Grey’s Anatomy has seen many, many characters go, all for different reasons that go from behind-the-scenes troubles to simply wanting to try other projects. • 10 The M.A.G.I.C. #$@%* Dudes Be #$@%* Sleepin, Splattack! As revealed in Version 3.0.0, Callie later joined Marie at Cuttlefish Cabin. Check out IMDb's highest-rated movies and TV shows of 2020, most-viewed trailers, top stars, memorable moments, and more! The Plan • During the following battle, Marie managed to shoot off the hypnoshades with her Hero Charger, bringing Callie back to her senses and eventually reuniting the Squid Sisters. Teenager Callie Jacob is placed in a foster home with a lesbian couple and their blend of biological, adoptive, and foster children. Bob Dub, Squid Beatz • Ink or Sink • Cap'n Cuttlefish's Theme (Octo) ~ Player Editor • Cumber • Turquoise October • In the Japanese version of Splatoon 2, Callie's speech while she is brainwashed is entirely rendered in katakana, like DJ Octavio. #14 crush • Tentalive at Tokaigi 2019 • Planes Splatfest. Callie first appeared in Season 2 and didn't leave until 10 seasons later! In Splatoon 2, Marie recruited Agent 4 to explore Octo Canyon and help find Callie and the Great Zapfish. When she and Wyatt had troubles, she turned to Brandon as a friend. Agent 8 • • Super Sea Snail • Tide Goes Out, Wet Floor • Opening • Don't Slip • Judd • Drama's not safe and it's not pretty and it's not kind. Hightide Era • (Cloud Demo) • Salmonid • For her second outfit, which was shown in promo art for the Japanese Grasshopper vs. Ant Splatfest, Callie wore a red-orange yukata with a white jellyfish pattern and thinner zōri, but still with purple thongs. Share. Mr. Grizz • Octo Valley • After releasing her solo record, Bomb Rush Blush, Callie began making guest appearances on variety shows and eventually became a TV drama actress. #19 bless • Bob Dub, Squid Beatz 2 • Undertow • Octarmaments • She also loves art, decorating the Octo Canyon with fabric and tape while under the influence of DJ Octavio's hypnoshades, and representing the discipline in the Art vs. Science Splatfest, though her drawings have been described cheekily by Marie as "avant-garde". Maia Mitchell (born 18 August 1993) is an Australian actress and singer.She is known for her roles as Brittany Flune in the children's television series Mortified for the Nine Network, and as Natasha Ham in the Seven Network's teen drama Trapped. Spicy Calamari Inkantation • And while she would totally try out for her middle school's production of Moon Over Mississippi, she's a terrible singer. Inkopolis News • Fly Octo Fly ~ Ebb & Flow (Octo) • Murch • This is a graphic novel. Without a Dop Doubt • Whenever a Splatfest occurred, Callie and Marie could be seen singing and dancing to City of Color atop trucks in the Plaza equipped with platforms and stage equipment. :) The title of the drama was a bit misleading though. Denizens of the deep • Although Callie eventually joined Marie in creating the Squid Sisters pop group, for a time after their move to Inkopolis together, the two struggled to make ends meet, and so worked part-time at Walleye Warehouse during their early years as professional singers. Once Cuttlefish was kidnapped after Agent 3 defeated the Octomaw, the two agents acted as Agent 3's mentors in his place, albeit in disguise, not revealing their true identities. Howev… Octoling Rendezvous • Tartar, Annie • With Marie's French name (Oly), it sounds like. Inkoming! Drama is a graphic novel written by Raina Telgemeier, an American cartoonist, which centers on the story of Callie, a middle schooler and theater-lover who works in her school's drama production crew. Take a look at the film and television career of the late Chadwick Boseman. Her ears are slightly narrower, longer, and upturned than those of the average Inkling, and on them, she wears a pair of chunky, milky white earrings. She is rather fond of puns and uses them from time to time, a habit that tends to annoy her cousin. Drama is failing if it doesn't do that. It is mentioned numerous times in Inkopolis News dialogue that her favorite weapon class is the Roller. Entropical • Wet Floor • It is a coming-of-age story that explores themes of friendship, teamwork, inclusion, and determination through Callie and her relationship with the people around her. Calamari Inkantation • It is revealed by Marie in Octo Canyon that Callie has "more money than she can count". Squid Sisters (Callie • Marie) • Callie is the set designer for this year’s performance at her school. Callie, the protagonist of Drama, loves the theater, but she’s no singer, so she’s the set designer for her school’s production of Moon Over Mississippi. Sanitized Octarians • Stef Foster, a dedicated police officer, and her partner Lena Adams, a school Vice Principal, have built a strong family with Stef's biological son from a previous marriage, Brandon, and their adopted twins, Mariana and Jesus. Grizzco Industries • Callie also worked part-time at Piranha Pit. In her years on the show, Callie went through an awful lot of heartache and drama but there are still some things that only the most hardcore Grey's fans know. Callie usually opened with humorous statements regarding stage news, gently poking fun at Marie in the process. Across all regions, Callie's team won 25 Splatfests, while Marie's only won 18. When Agent 4 and Marie finally discovered Callie in Tide Goes Out, they found out that she had fallen under the influence of DJ Octavio's "hypnoshades" and was working as one of his subordinates. Splatoon Live in Makuhari, Shiokalive 2016 • Madera- is the drama teacher and was the one who told Callie that there is only enough room in the budget for two props tops Squid Squad • Ooohhhh, the drama isn't just fictional when it comes to Grey's Anatomy, it's now jumping off the screen into the real world.. Tutorial • Flow • Haicalive Kyoto Mix. EXCLUSIVE: The Nashville trio of creator-executive producer Callie Khouri, producer Michael Lohmann and Season 1 executive music producer T Bone Burnett are reuniting for another music-driven drama series. She also had a minor study in Child and Adolescent Mental studies. During their conversations with Agent 4, Callie provides statistical information about the player and a daily "lucky weapon" horoscope, with the following as an example: If the Octo Expansion has been completed, Callie additionally learns from Marie about Cap'n Cuttlefish and Agent 3's involvement in Marina's chat room. • She has large, angular eyes with gold irises and light-brown pupils in the shape of a plus. Split & Splat • Deluge Dirge • SashiMori • At a young age, she became interested in singing and entered Inkopolis' first annual Youth Folk-Singing Contest with her cousin, Marie. Sophie Max. Chirpy Chips • Her signature color is magenta. Lobby • Fins & Fiddles • By the events of Splatoon, the Squid Sisters had become household names in Inkopolis Plaza, with one of their celebrity jobs being hosting Inkopolis News. Shellfie • While navigating seventh grade, Callie deals with tween hardship, including confusing crushes, budding friendships, and typical middle school drama. Bomb Rush Blush • When by herself, however, Callie can become upset and prone to overthinking. Dubble Bath (DIY Remix), Opening • DJ Real Sole • However, Callie never arrived, prompting Marie to leave and search for her. Thang Jingle • Moe • She has a bunch of great ideas for props but her school is on a tight budget. #0 shell • Callie also made a major appearance during Octo Valley. CALLIE is a nostalgic and heartfelt tale of friendship, secrets and loss. From award winner Telgemeier (Smile, 2010), a pitch-perfect graphic novel portrayal of a middle school musical, adroitly capturing the drama both on and offstage. It is unknown how her tentacles are worn as they are covered by her beanie. In the Hero Mode issue, she, along with Marie, take the role of Agents 1 and 2. In modern day New York City, a lonely young woman, Jenn meets the mysterious Callie and the two form an instant friendship. Her first outfit, shown in Sunken Scroll 17, consisted of a purple yukata with a squid pattern on the sleeves and a flower pattern towards the bottom, and a pair of thick black zōri with purple thongs. #9 party • For part of her time at Kyoto Mix, Callie has a gold/red color scheme. Frantic Aspic • ω-3, Inkoming! Blitz It! Opening • Callie Torres. At Cuttlefish Cabin, Callie states that she recruited Marie into the New Squidbeak Splatoon. Like Marie, Callie's hat is not attached and can be seen flying off her head for a moment when she jumps. Their romance slowly developed throughout season 1A. Seafoam Shanty • Onward! Maritime Memory • Callie's name forms something that resembles the word "calamari" when combined with Marie's name. The Tittle of my book is Drama by Raina Telgemeier. Nasty Majesty • In modern day New York City, a lonely young woman, Jenn meets the mysterious Callie and the two form an instant friendship. Squidbeak Splatoon, DJ Octavio •

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