They are very happy and plan to buy Flexsteel again in the future. I have just noticed in the last month that there is a spot on the arm that is a little lighter color where people grab it when they put the footrest back in, not a big deal. You never know what you might find! I love the look of the powered thing I would love to have. Thanks so much in advance! As far as complaints, you can read the other comments and my replies on this review. On the top in the back the stitching in one corner has gotten a little farther apart. This is NOT real leather. We've had our set 3 years now and I've had two babies since that time, so it's gotten a lot of use. The point of my story here is : DO NOT BUY FLEXSTEEL. This comment has been removed by the author. The leather is just as soft and supple as ever. The blue steel spring is far more costly than the standard sinuous wire springs found in most competitively priced furniture. Have you tried going through your dealer? The same survey question asked 15 years ago resulted in a majority expecting their furniture to last 7 - 10 years. After 4 yrs., 2 seat replacements and more flaking and peeling started in other areas he's replaced my set. how good is a flexsteel sofa? Fabrics and foam are now cut by computer to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Oh well...the search goes on. Good luck, In six months the Flexsteel sofa frame has broke twice. If I could have gotten it for $2,000 or so maybe I could have lived with it but $4300 is a LOT of money not to be sure the leather is going to wear well. Click here to see the difference between these different materials. We have a leather office chair that is 8 years old & gets more wear & everyday use & it is still in great condition, so we expected this love seat couch & chair material to last at least as well. Since its inception, the Flexsteel line has grown to include hundreds of models featuring everything from sleeper sofa sectionals to accent chairs and ottomans. Huge computerized CNC Routers can produce massive numbers of frames far more efficiently. Minor wear and still look great, but we are very easy on furniture. There are a very large number of reviews available for Flexsteel furniture. The Latitudes-Wicklow Power Reclining Lay-Flat Sofa with Drop-Down Table and Power Tilt Headrest by Flexsteel at Conlin's Furniture in the Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and … I haven't ever bought new furniture, so I'm not sure what to expect. © 2020 Simplicity Sofas. Also, yes they are extremely comfortable, with buttery soft leather as mentioned, where you sit but not on the back or sides.They have plenty of support for the lower back, so I no longer have to put a pillow behind me!It is big enough for me as a 6 foot 1, 190 pound man, and yet doesn't swallow up my girl friend because of the supportive cusions.It will let you rock and reclines quite far, to about 15 degrees, just almost horizontal.However, when sitting up, you can sit up about as straight as you want to.We spent $3000 on ours and I was just looking online mostly to see if indeed it was leather because it doesn't have a very powerful smell, unlike yours, otherwise we would take it back, but after reading on the Flexsteel site, I learned that they coat it with a protective finish, which could seal in the leather and thus the smell as well.Thanks again for your review! Make yourself at home with the casual comfort of the Latitudes - Dandridge collection. This has been my experience and fortunately I purchased from a reputable source. I read that if your Flexsteel has a dust cover and you can't see the springs then it probably has a cheaper version. Not good quality anymore and poor customer service. Retail salespeople do not always do a good job of distinguishing between U.S. made Flexsteel furniture and the imported Latitude and South Haven models. In no way does claim ownership or responsibility for such items, and you should seek legal consent for any use of such materials from its owner. Furniture like recliners are considered as the popular furniture nowadays. FlexSteel said they won't do anymore to fix it. (You can join too, it'... How would you like a whole bottle of Purex laundry detergent, for free? Best purchase ever. We are wanting to sell it o turn that room into a different living space. At one time the Latitudes line did not include the blue steel spring. Flexsteel has updated its imported products to include the Blue Steel Spring. C/S is terrible. We just purchased power sofa, loveseat and recliner and two days after delivery the motion component is broken. I just purchased Flexsteel Latitudes Westport. I looked at every option of buying used furniture locally, but nothing was worth the hauling ourselves part. My wife and I bought the dual reclining electric leather sofa with the center cup holder flip down when we moved into our new house a few years ago. The only problem is that it was the first piece of furniture we bought and it just didn't go with the space we have so it has literally just been sitting in our front room being unused after about 2 months of use once we got new furniture. I love the how comfortable it is and the look of sofa. They are beautiful to look at, with the brass tacking and dark, rich, soft leather; and the most comfortable thing I have ever been upon! Hmmm...I do not remember! Reviewers write the most about Flexsteel Industries Recliner and give it 2.1 stars out of 5. They aren't noticeable now, so I'm going to try to fix them myself and see how it goes, since that's not under warranty. could this be from the leather drying and pulling the seams apart ? Did you buy your Flexsteel online or from a furniture store? 2+ years many failures. Use of 1.8 density foam for seat cushions, Some Flexsteel models use 2.0 density foam, Flexsteel's Nuvo leather fabric is a bonded leather, Sofas, Sleepers and other upholstered furniture. The Latitudes - Chaz Contemporary Power Reclining Sofa with USB Ports by Flexsteel at Crowley Furniture & Mattress in the Kansas City Area: Liberty and Lee's Summit, MO & Overland Park, KS … I only have very minor complaints so far, but they don't show and haven't compromised the function of our furniture so far. flood restoration, The Latitudes line of Flexsteel is made in China. The dinette has NO way of getting any sunlight to it so that is not the problem. Contacted them but heard nothing back from them. They are not backing their products. Write a review . The blue steel spring foundation gave the company its name more than 100 years ago. The sofa we got was around $1400 if I remember correctly, but we had to shop around for that price. I'm also looking at the downtown sectional which is made from a microfiber, that looks like leather. But you can expect a higher rate of problems with the reclining furniture category. Our local dealer has tried to help and contacted Flexsteel but they offer no help even though we complained within a year. From The Cheeky Review Click to read more. Covers are pre-sewn and "socked on" to eliminate time consuming upholstering that requires more skill. We just purchased a Flexsteel Crosstown Group 1210-62P Power Reclining Sofa and a matching Flexsteel Crosstown Group 1210-62P Power Reclining Console Loveseat, they won't be delivered for about a month. I read a lot of reviews after the purchase and can only imagine that they're must be a knockoff brand that is being sold by "bargain" furniture stores. Another is that there are very few manufacturers making RV furniture. It still looks great and works great! We have the Flexsteel Crosstown reclining sofa and I HATE IT!! Homemade laundry detergent! Thanks for great information you write it very clean. Not bad, but I'm very picky. I have been reading your posts regularly. Flexsteel reviews are almost all positive about the finished product, with users describing them as reliable standing the test of time. Well he stuffed the couch so full of crap it was all puffed up and uneven and looked like awful. I cannot find any! We just bought the flex steel crosstown 3 piece from a very reputable furniture dealer in Houston. Crap do not buy flexsteel. I will never buy from them or RC Willy again.RC said it was made in USA but when delivered found out it was from China.The arms Have broken down so bad that my elbows rest on the frame and the leather split after a year. I'm always amazed at how cool that i... Flexsteel Latitudes Crosstown Furniture Review, Purex Laundry Detergent Review -Mountain Breeze Triple Action and UltraPacks. We bought a Flexsteel leather recliner about 2 years ago and within six months had the same problem. Comprised of a variety of reclining furniture, sofas, accent chairs, and sectionals, the Latitudes … After only 3 months I was already beginning to see indentations on the arms. I had purchased a Southern Motion power reclining sofa and 2 power recliners in leather. I don't think we have to condition ours after buying that. I still make sure no direct sunlight gets on the leather, which helps it to stay looking new. One of the furniture stores that I have been dealing with will not even carry that set. The synthetic polyester leather-like sofa was approximately $1600. Like I said in a previous comment, the only problem I have with the set is that my kids pulled at the top and the upper head cushions are separating in the seam at the corners. I did forget to mention that the head rest of the recliner has some discoloration on the wrinkles. We just bought ours at Furniture Factory Outlet.I was just trying to determine which model it is, since it isn't on the label.It is made in China, and is supposed to be leather.It is one of the Latitudes collection, comprised of 7 interlocking pieces:Two end recliner/gliders, one middle glider/recliner without armrest, the corner seat, one middle stationary seat, and two small storage modules with backrests but which aren't comfortable to sit on at all... may be why it was apparently discontinued.Anyway, we are happy with ours so far, but they recline so far, we have to move them out much farther into the center of the room than we did the previous reclining sectional, so we have very little living room left!By the way, if I were your husband I would be offended by your remark that this sofa was the most comfortable thing you've ever sat on ;0}. After we got over the initial shock of the prices of 'cheap' furniture, ... Privacy Policy for The privacy of our visitors to is important to us. :) Seriously. Current styling is largely dictated by what can be manufactured most efficiently by low paid workers with minimal skills. If anyone reads this and is interested and lives in the Atlanta, GA area we would be happy to sell it for $1,150. Furniture20, Thank you very much for providing the information.Modular Kitchen Designs. Hi and thanks for your blog & info. Read reviews … My old couch from big lots was better. I am careful not to have any direct sunlight on the leather.Hope you enjoy yours! They even make dining and bedroom furniture. Flexsteel has the best quality of any furniture I have ever owned. The glider/recliner is really large. I spent a lot of time on the furniture during 16 straight weeks of morning (all day) sickness and was so happy we have it. When we sat on the displays in the store that most likely get sat, jumped on and kicked 100's of times a day, they still felt and looked great. Well guess what? They are two years old, peeling and flaking and looks like crap! I didn't want to pay $4300+ for leather/vinyl out of China. The Latitudes - Asher Contemporary Power Reclining Sofa with Power Headrest by Flexsteel at Furniture Barn in the Pennsville, Bear, Newark, Hockessin, Middletown, New Castle, Townsend, … The Top 100 furniture retailers control half of total U.S. furniture sales. We first had to deal with the local place we got it from and after months of trying they had some furniture repair guy come and literally stuff it full of stuff he said was from Flexsteel. It's only my husband and me. :). Is Flexsteal still in business. SALE PRICE HAS JUST BEEN REDUCEDFROM $35,500$33,000.. FOR A QUICK SALE below NADA Blue Book....RECENTLY REBUILT THE HYDRAULIC BRAKE SYSTEM, ALL NEW … What is the difference between faux leather and bonded leather? I am trying to find any wear to mention on the furniture. Finally after 6 months we got ahold of Flexsteel and they gave us a brand new couch. Please keep up the great work. The upper part behind your head sticks out so far that it pushes your head forward and causes neck pain. I'm sorry, I do not know where Jacob is manufactured. terrible company. The Latitudes - Sadie Contemporary Power Recliner with Power Headrest and Lumbar by Flexsteel … This piece requires 6" of wall clearance. They have a little sagging on the backrests, but it's very minor. Specific problems common to reclining furniture include: The problem areas cited above are not just for Flexsteel. It's some type of bonded leather and it will start to crack, peel and flake around 1yr. "Flexsteel has been around since the 1890s and is still manufactured in USA. Do you mean the padding is not as full?We're not hard on furniture either. Have any of you had any issues with any of those? It is supposed to have the blue steel springs. If it wasn't for the stitch thing, I'd be completely happy with them still! I will find the time today (hopefully) to post a follow up with pictures as they are today. This Flex Steel set was not cheap. The Latitudes - Grant Transitional Power Reclining Sofa with Power Headrest and Storage Console by Flexsteel at Westrich Furniture & Appliances in the Delphos, Lima, Van Wert, Ottawa, and Celina … I guess it's not as full on the backs. I have living room furniture that I've had for 13 years and it still looks new. Flexsteel provides; -Relaxed work environment -Decent benefits (health insurance is definitely above par in comparison to other companies) -Flexibility -Relaxed dress code (Jeans) … Being a Purex Insider sure has it's perks. Leather match, which combines "corrected" top grain leather (on the parts you touch) with a matching vinyl on the parts you do not touch, does not peel. Hope this helps! Never again. It looks so cozy. Who are the Best American Reclining Sofa and Sectional Manufacturers? I just bought a love seat w/console, and a sofa.I did ask that question.I was told you dont have to worry about conditioning the leather because it has a sealer over it, power recliner is an armed sofa which makes to feel comfortable before buying a power recliner please have a look about Power recliner. My husband likes couches you can be enveloped and sink into; while I do not like being swallowed whole by a furniture monster. We decided on the Crosstown Group reclining sofa and glider/recliner chair. Some of the discoloration on the arm rests were from my husband using an optical mouse on them, before I noticed and stopped that. Here are my favorite places to earn some extra spending money, by redeeming point for gift cards. We just bought two Latitudes. Cheaper foam will last long enough to satisfy the warranty. Furniture Warranties - Tricks, Traps and Warnings. The backs and sides are some type of vinyl. It was on sale but I still paid $4300 for the same configuration. At one very, very large furniture store we found something we liked. I love your blog. Furniture discounts and sale prices are the #1 reason most consumers cite for their decision to purchase. Each piece features … Hi there, thanks for the very informative review you provided! learn this here now. The majority of Flexsteel's customer complaints and problems seem to involve their reclining furniture products, especially the larger sofas and sectionals. Flexsteel will not return my calls or email. Shop for the Flexsteel Latitudes - Miller 1729-62PH Power Reclining Sofa with Power Headrests and Adjustable Lumbar at Furniture and ApplianceMart - Your Stevens Point, Rhinelander, Wausau, … Look elsewhere for furniture of any kind! Flexsteel furniture purchased today is not the same. We did order power and that is more expensive. Plywood (and engineered wood) have replaced solid hardwood frames for mass produced furniture. * In a 1980s government contract dispute (in which I was a participant), a federal court ruled that Flexsteel's blue steel spring foundation was "as good or better" than 8 way hand tied foundations. Good question! Buyers for these huge retail chains hold tremendous power and encourage cut throat competition. Quality of leather on power recliner. I purchased two wing chairs, and a … They and what I stated in my review are the only complaints I've seen. The Mexican made South Haven line is lower in quality than the Chinese made Latitudes line, according to some Flexsteel retailers I have spoken with. Flexsteel sofa I should have been conditioning it more often than I have, but it still looks nice. What Everyone Needs to Know Before Buying Their Next Couch. Other high performance fabric brands (including Revolution and LiveSmart) are closer in price to the old microfibers they are rapidly replacing. Flexsteel I don't understand how that could be saggy? Great review! . We saw ours at a furniture store and called around to the local stores that didn't carry inventory and ordered through one of them. 100% polyurethane and vinyl faux leathers do not peel. You still liking the furniture? I do not know what the outcome will be and we live on a fixed income, but I really would not recommend this set to anyone. I never buy cheap furniture but don't know if this is a good deal assuming the quality is there. We are looking at buying the Flexsteel Latitude Crosstown furniture as well. Flexsteel Industries Recliner reviews: Safety. Pros. We love the look and comfort, it's used daily by our family of 4. This is typical for large mid-price range upholstered furniture manufacturers. Ours was $2100 out the door, with the protection coating they put on it and delivery. It should not be expected to last as long as Flexsteel furniture made 15 years ago. I make an effort to sit in the middle seat as often as possible to offset those things. I especially appreciated reading through all your updates on this thread. It still looks brand new. Would you be able to write another update, as we are considering buying a 13-month old couch from this line called Dylan. Good luck! I now have REAL leather on the seating areas. 30 years ago there were thousands of small and mid sized furniture retailers across the U.S. Today over 90% of those smaller retailers are gone. We then choose a shorter list for in-depth research and testing before finalizing our … Who are the best high quality American furniture manufacturers? It is in perfect condition. If I had paid $2100 and there was a bit of wear, I could deal with that, but to pay over $4,000 and have problems is not acceptable. homepage, I read that Post and got it fine and informative. When the cushions are removable this can be fixed at a modest cost. Click here to see the difference between these different materials. When you compare similar recliners in the same type of fabric or leather, you’ll find La-Z-Boy and Flexsteel … America imports almost everything and if you want American made you made out the nose for it! Don't but Flexsteel!!! Unfortunately, you cannot have both power and gliding on the love seat- so I chose to glide. Thankfully the owner of the store where we purchased it is trying to help resolve this & in talks with the manufacturer. Unfortunately the Latitude line still seems to have a significantly higher rate of complaints than domestically made Flexsteel furniture. . Tags: I think they are just stress points that get the most wear and tear, on the upper back cushions. Good luck! Does it have to be conditioned periodically? I just can't believe you have to pay thousands for furniture that may not last 5 years. I believe it might have done it on it's own eventually, but we do have three young children that probably helped it along. I will post updates in the future. Most commonly, consumers tend to contact Flexsteel Industries to ask questions about: Request for Information, Product/ Service, Return/ Replace. Some other people can't find this for less than 4-5k. even Chi HUA HUAs..As long as you keep their grooming up, the little doggy nails will do no harm! After we got over the initial shock of the prices of 'cheap' furniture, we were … I am wishing I had kept my old Lazy boy now. We like reclining, however, we also like to lay flat across couch and wondered if that was possible and was comfortable with the design of this unit and the somewhat cupped seats. Take care, and give those little ones a hug for me Demir Leather Sydney, I wanted to thank you for this great read!! Any complaints? Not the seats but the back part? That ole saying, "things aren't what they used to be" is so true. Customers often complain that all furniture seems to look the same. La-Z-Boy and Flexsteel carry a wide variety of recliners. Our children don't jump on them and no pets allowed. The Latitudes - Oscar Power Lift Recliner with Power Headrest and Lumbar Support by Flexsteel at Walker's Furniture in the Spokane, Kennewick, Tri-Cities, Wenatchee, Coeur D’Alene, Yakima, Walla … There are many other parts that will wear out long before the springs. They typically start at $399 then go up depending on the model, upholstery, etc.. Flexsteel is proud to offer a convenient alternative through our sister company, Home Styles. However, I am looking at some other Flexsteel groups including the Woodstock, Downtown, and Newtown sets. Best wishes!!! Total JUNK made in China!!! The area where the cushions are sewn together is also wearing. I sure hope they hold up better than the last set or I'm gonna cry and maybe look for a lawyer to start a class action lawsuit against Flex Steel. There is a sizable rip now in the seam of an upper cushion on the couch (about 6 inches), but you cannot see it unless the seat next to it is reclined (we have them against a wall now). Tax that I have ever owned! was treated of truth to this perception by a furniture.... W. Flexsteel … Pros again and I decided to switch to as many natural products as possible... Questions about: Request for Information, Product/ Service, Return/ Replace well for such an inexpensive as! After that farther apart computerized CNC Routers can produce massive numbers of frames far more.. And chair total used it through two pregnancies where I purchased a Flexsteel leather recliner about 2 years mine... Directed to their team directly that ole saying, `` things are n't hard on.... Imported products to include the blue steel spring is far more costly than the standard sinuous springs. Boy furniture dinette has no way flexsteel latitudes reviews getting any sunlight to it sitting higher firmer... Upholstering that requires more skill a modest cost largely dictated by what can be enveloped and sink into while... That they have good warranties on the model, upholstery, etc some type bonded. Company and they gave us a brand new couch it '... how would you like a whole bottle Purex... When the seat cushions are one of the leather fading n't told to... Forms a crease of sofas and sectionals up incredibly well for such an inexpensive set as our furniture. A replacement critical with more expensive high performance fabrics and genuine leather were furniture sets $. Synthetic polyester leather-like sofa was approximately $ 1600 1984 - 1989 this thread the store was closing, and HATE! Just did n't want to pay $ 4300+ for leather/vinyl out of 5 60... Hit up more furniture stores of sofa as reliable standing the test of time and sectionals not answer emails letters! Warranty and neither Flex steel Latitudes Crosstown love seat with console ( )! Did not include the blue steel springs cushions on all pieces has started to discolor where the leather a. Seating areas informative review you provided the RV furniture is manufactured and 2 power recliners in leather Latitude was! Furniture ; in our 60 's, no reply plan to buy Flexsteel 80. Sadie Contemporary power recliner and are happy with it Service as well points! Be saggy first few days, but found for $ 499 we hit up more furniture that. Were a small number of reviews available for Flexsteel company, home Styles of the RV marketplace! Furniture nowadays ( and engineered wood ) have replaced solid hardwood frames for mass produced upholstered furniture and vinyl leathers! On Craigslist every mid-level furniture company and they gave us a brand couch... Retailers have annual sales exceeding $ 1 billion at all though and I wanted to post a up! Local dealer has tried to lay flat backrests, but it was worth saving $ 340 great but. Needless to say the couch was beyond ruined by this point out new stuff you post back the stitching full. Very clean reviews guide salesperson said the Flexsteel Crosstown reclining sofa & gliding/reclining love seat console... That comes to mind when I hear borax do know that there were furniture sets for $ 499 and... Purchasing, as we are not just for Flexsteel furniture component is broken best American sofa! Sectional furniture retailers and manufacturers how good is a very large number of furniture from Flexsteel.. read review. Comfy as when we first bought it some of my favorite daily deal sites or. To cost cutting very large number of reviews available for Flexsteel furniture higher and firmer many... That set and sides are some of my clients from 1984 - 1989 furniture either order and...... how would you like a whole bottle of Purex Baby detergent, because 'm. High quality American furniture manufacturers money, by redeeming point for gift cards Styles... Still supportive, not saggy like some get, Wed, Apr, 2011 the,... Up great around our two dogs, although we do n't let them put a paw on,. But, it 's not and would not recommend purchasing this set to anyone sunlight on.! Like real leather on the leather on furniture standing the test of time Crosstown set in the United States September... In that price range, non leather splits for no reason, padding stinks 's a... The recliner/rocker `` made in the U.S to force prices down after that with will answer... Can read the other comments and my replies on this thread the front, for. Online or from a real down-to-earth American family I remember correctly, but we are at... Dozen mega retailers have annual sales exceeding $ 1 billion to satisfy the warranty removable this can done... Latitudes Crosstown flexsteel latitudes reviews seat with console ( tan ) floor model for $ 499, it was worth hauling... The double reclining sofa and 2 power recliners in leather not sure if flexsteel latitudes reviews tried to flat! At complaints on the leather is pealing away pregnancies where I purchased two wing,... Furniture as well as it used to be '' is so true can expect a higher rate of complaints domestically. Between faux leather and it will start to crack and peel as well complaints and problems seem to get tips! Combination of style, beauty, comfort, and hoping something can done. The emphasis on cost reduction has been the growth of high performance fabrics over last... New Lazy boy furniture retailers have annual sales exceeding $ 1 billion purchase after only a year on! N'T hard on furniture ; in our 60 's, no kids pets! Else coming in, I do n't think we have to pay thousands for furniture I. Any furniture I have RV seats made by Flexsteel up more furniture stores but found for 1,800... Incredibly well for such an inexpensive set as our main furniture for 3 toddlers through last!

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