Stoner told them it was because the platoon had killed a lot of innocent people. Unleash hell on the coop action game where bounty hunters raid planets seeking glory. Before the military found itself short of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, Morlock was the kind of bad-news kid whom the Army might have passed on. One soldier who took part in the conversation dismissed it as idle talk. Winfield, who was armed with the more powerful SAW machine gun, squeezed off a burst that lasted for three to five seconds. The father’s grief did nothing to interrupt the pumped-up mood that had broken out among the soldiers. But the farmer was the only Afghan in sight. Gibbs opened fire, followed by at least five other soldiers. Gibbs raised his M4 and laid down fire as well. In addition to approaching targets on foot, Gibbs decided to use his Stryker as a shooting platform, affording greater mobility with the protection of armor. Gen. Stephen Twitty, into the critical question of officer accountability. Details about Warhammer 40k Army Deathwatch Kill Team Veterans Squad x5 Space Marines Lot 2 See original listing. Kill Team: Rogue Trader features two mini-codexes that let you use ALL the models from the set in your regular games: Each of the mini-codexes in the set contains a specialised Detachment for that faction, representing the forces in the Rogue Trader boxed set, complete with characters, Detachment rules and a set of Stratagems for you to use. “Basically, I do believe that Morlock would kill me if he had the chance,” he said later. In total, eleven of the twelve soldiers charged were convicted of crimes. “Come down to the line and we’ll find someone to kill.” A tattoo on his left shin featured a pair of crossed rifles offset by six skulls. He was demoted to private and had to forfeit half a month's pay. Far from being clandestine, as the Pentagon has implied, the murders of civilians were common knowledge among the unit and understood to be illegal by “pretty much the whole platoon,” according to one soldier who complained about them. A report in The Guardian said that soldiers told the Army's Criminal Investigation Command (CID) that Gibbs bragged of his exploits while serving in the Iraq War, saying how easily one could "toss a grenade at someone and kill them. Legal Weed Is Coming to New Jersey — But How Will That Work? The battalion chief ordered the soldiers to be reinterviewed, but Abrahams found “no inconsistencies in their story,” and the matter was dropped. The man’s body lay on the ground. No sooner had they arrived at the base than they were recounting the tale to soldiers they barely knew. “They have had a lot of practice staging killings and getting away with it.”. [28] The U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed the conviction and sentence, and the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces denied review. The “kill team ” – members of the 5th Stryker Brigade stationed near Kandahar – took scores of photos chronicling their kills and their time in Afghanistan. [51] Morlock challenged his guilty plea, but the Army Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed the conviction and sentence. That leads to one of two possibilities. Open discussion on what kill squads you bring with what army comp, (gowiwi, gowipe, lavaloon, etc). But the findings of that inquiry, which was concluded last month, have been kept secret – and the Army refuses to say whether it has disciplined or demoted any of the commanders responsible for 3rd Platoon. It was Morlock, agitated, screaming that he had come under attack. It’s no surprise that the Genestealer Cultists can shrug off some fairly decent firepower. He claimed that he fired his automatic weapon away from Adahdad but that he did nothing to stop the murder. “None of us in the platoon – the platoon leader, the platoon sergeant – no one gives a fuck about these people,” Morlock said. “Everyone would say they’re savages.” One photo shows a hand missing a finger. As the grenade went off, Morlock and Winfield opened fire. The 26-year-old staff sergeant has been widely portrayed as a sociopath of Mansonesque proportions, a crazed killer with a “pure hatred for all Afghans” who was detested and feared by those around him. Price: $8.99 + $4.99 shipping: Size: 110mm x 80mm high quality patch new and unused also see our other offers with very rare patches individual patch -Embroidery - Emblem - Badge - … [34][35][36] In November 2011, Gibbs was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after ten years, minus the 547 days of pretrial confinement. “They were sitting at our front door,” recalls Lt. Col. David Abrahams, the battalion’s second in command. The massive, eight-wheeled trucks surged across wide, vacant stretches of desert, until they came to La Mohammad Kalay, an isolated farming village tucked away behind a few poppy fields. During a four-hour meeting with Mudin’s uncle, Abrahams was informed that several children in the village had seen Mudin killed by soldiers from 3rd Platoon. “Basically, what we did was a desperate search to justify killing this guy. It reads “Taliban are Dead.” The Pentagon says it is investigating the photos, but insists that there is little more investigators can do to identify the men. “He didn’t seem to have any sort of animosity toward us.”. The soldiers knelt down behind a mud-brick wall. But not long after the New Year, as winter descended on the arid plains of Kandahar Province, they agreed to stop talking and actually pull the trigger. A US military court has convicted an army squad commander of leading a "kill team" in Afghanistan that murdered unarmed civilians and collected … In the United States Army, a squad is composed of two fireteams of four soldiers each, as well as a squad leader who is a Staff Sergeant. The involuntary manslaughter charge stems from Winfield's failure to intervene and prevent the other soldiers from carrying out the attack against the Afghan in U.S. custody. “You guys want to wax this guy or what?” he asked. A man is paralyzed. We basically executed this man.”. Andrew Holmes, saw a young farmer who was working by himself among the spiky shoots. All charges against the twelfth soldier, Specialist Michael Wagnon, were dropped by the U.S. military "in the interest of justice" without further explanation. The Maywand District murders were the murders of at least three Afghan civilians perpetrated by a group of U.S. Army soldiers from June 2009 to June 2010, during the War in Afghanistan. The assault staged by Stevens suggested a new way to target Afghan civilians. This time, though, the villagers refused to be placated. All of the three staged killings of Afghan civilians occurred in the Maywand District of Afghanistan: Der Spiegel published three photos of U.S. soldiers posing with the bodies of Afghans they had killed. During his hearing, he was asked by Judge Lieutenant Colonel Kwasi Hawks "Were you going to shoot at (civilians) to scare them and it got out of hand?". Lt. Ligsay, who was in the same Stryker with Gibbs and Jones, maintains that he mistakenly believed the attack to be genuine and ordered the convoy to keep moving. Once again, however, no action was taken, nor was Gibbs disciplined. PFC Justin Stoner, who initiated the case by reporting the murders to his superiors, was not charged.[8][9][10][11]. “RPG!” Gibbs shouted. Quiggle, the unit’s commanding officer. A 2013 documentary film, titled The Kill Team, reports on the murders and the people involved. After he took command, Gibbs put a pirate flag on his tent. Subscribe . [48], SPC Corey Moore, of Redondo Beach, California, pleaded guilty that he kicked a witness and stabbed one of the corpses. Soldiers in Afghanistan Murdered Innocent Civilians. As other members of the platoon were called in and interviewed, many confirmed Stoner’s account and described the shootings for investigators. In fact, supervising the murderous platoon, or even having knowledge of the crimes, seems to have been no impediment to career advancement. “To be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference between local nationals and combatants,” one soldier later confessed. Military prosecutors swiftly charged five low-ranking soldiers with murder, and the Pentagon clamped down on any information about the killings. And according to a source in Bravo Company, who spoke to Rolling Stone on the condition of anonymity, the two unarmed men in the photos were killed by soldiers from another platoon, which has not yet been implicated in the scandal. Sign up for our newsletter. So Gibbs made it his business to gather “off the books” weapons through a variety of channels. Calvin Gibbs, the platoon’s popular and hard-charging squad leader. There is no way to know how many, if any, casualties resulted from the fusillade. Then, in a break with protocol, the soldiers began taking photographs of themselves celebrating their kill. “I guess that’s why we started taking things into our own hands.”. “The father was very upset,” the report noted. According to one soldier, they also talked about a second scenario in which they “would throw candy out in front and in the rear of the Stryker; the Stryker would then run the children over.” Another elaborate plan involved waiting for an IED attack, then using the explosion as an excuse to kill civilians. “The incident was staged to look like he may have had a weapon,” Stoner told investigators. Kris Sprague to “make sure” the boy was dead. And in the chaotic war zone, they were easy to find. Specialist Adam C. Winfield, who informed his father after the first murder and whose father attempted to alert the Army, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to three years in prison. Another depicts a severed head being maneuvered with a stick, and still more show bloody body parts, blown-apart legs, mutilated torsos. ARMY 20110230, 2014 WL 7227382 (A. Ct. Crim. But the beating proved to be the kill team’s undoing. Stevens got the message. Yet when the shots rang out, some soldiers didn’t seem especially alarmed, even when the radio began to squawk. Suddenly, through their thermal imaging, they spotted a human heat signature on the side of the road – a potentially suspicious sign, since the Taliban often operate at night, using the cover of darkness to plant IEDs. In the course of a few seconds, they expended approximately 40 rounds. “They want to throw him in jail and move on.” Gibbs insists that all three killings he took part in were “legitimate combat engagements.” Three other low-level soldiers facing murder charges – Winfield, Holmes and Wagnon – also maintain their innocence. Players in Squad must select a role before they can spawn in. 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Directed by Patrick G. Donahue. In 2004, Gibbs and other soldiers allegedly fired on an unarmed Iraqi family near Kirkuk, killing two adults and a child. Growing up in a devout Mormon family in Billings, Montana, he had dropped out of high school to get an equivalency degree and enlist in the Army. The night before, talking with a bunch of soldiers outside their bunk rooms, he had announced that he was looking to kill another haji, a pejorative term that U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan use for Muslims. Justin Stoner told the Army Criminal Investigation Command. At that point, the investigators asked Stoner to start from the beginning. Morlock and the other soldiers ignored him. Under a plea deal, Morlock received 24 years in prison for murdering three Afghan civilians in return for testimony against other soldiers. Off in the distance, a few other soldiers stood sentry. A few weeks later, sometime in late March or early April, members of 3rd Platoon fired on unarmed civilians twice on the same day, indicating a growing sense of their own invincibility. Soldiers e-mailed photos to their buddies and talked about the killing during visits home. . The brigade was reported to be "rife with lapses of discipline, misdirection and mixed signals about its mission." [52], Morlock's mother accused the U.S. government of scapegoating him: "I think the government is just playing these guys as scapegoats. What is the Kill Squad? A woman is killed. I am an almost max th 7 and once I hit th 8 I wanna do more than drags and wanna know how you guys use your kill squads. The insurgents, for their part, preferred to stay hidden from American troops, striking from a distance with IEDs. He grew up not far from Sarah Palin in Wasilla, Alaska; his sister hung out with Bristol, and Morlock played hockey against Track. The photos, obtained by Rolling Stone, portray a front-line culture among U.S. troops in which killing Afghan civilians is less a reason for concern than a cause for celebration. The district leader launched into a blistering attack of the platoon. Gibbs shouted for Morlock to proceed with the next stage of the plan. “Lt. Winfield said Gibbs had warned him that if he told anyone about the murder, he would “go home in a body bag.” His father agreed to keep the matter quiet. By the next day, everyone knew that Stoner had ratted them out. Killing an Afghan – any Afghan – became a way to avenge the loss. As Morlock bragged about the killing, word of the murder spread back home to families and friends. [54], Robert Stevens, an Army medic from Portland, Oregon, knew Gibbs while serving with him in A-52, the Brigade Commander's Personnel Security Detachment, where they served under CPT Samuel Lynn. Calvin Gibbs, the platoon’s popular and hard-charging squad leader. Even after he joined the Army, Morlock continued to get into trouble. A skinny, bookish 21-year-old, Winfield was pissed off at being disciplined by Gibbs. On May 6th, Gibbs and six other soldiers descended on Stoner’s room, locking the door behind them, and attacked Stoner while he was sitting on his bed. [44], Jones, of Pomona, California, faced charges that he beat up another soldier and fired at Afghan civilians who did not pose a threat to him. Stevens was sentenced to nine months in prison after agreeing to testify against Gibbs. Five soldiers were part of a patrol in a grape field in the Zhari District when they spotted three unarmed men. First Gibbs fired the AK-47 into a nearby wall and dropped the weapon at Agha’s feet. The US military is investigating the leadership of an army brigade whose soldiers are accused of running a "kill team" that murdered Afghan civilians, as further evidence emerges of … David Bram. [37], Andrew Holmes's attorneys argued they were constrained in defending him by the Army's decision to conceal photos of the man he had allegedly shot in January. For instance, the Raider is only available to the Insurgents and an extra Marksman is available to the British Army. The U.S. Army issued an apology for the photos, stating that "These court-martial proceedings speak for themselves. 2015). This publication outlines the framework in which the Infantry platoon and squad will operate separately or as part of a combined arms team. The two maintained a close friendship and remained in contact after Gibbs had been transferred from A-52 to 2–1 Infantry. Unlock skills mid-mission and wreak havoc with unique weapons. On a nearby hill, Spc. The bullets skipped around him. Jeremy Morlock with Staff Sgt. When a physician’s assistant examined Stoner the next day, she saw the angry red welts covering his body. His mission accomplished, Moye left the village feeling that the platoon could return to its usual rhythms. Indeed, the resentment of Afghans was so commonplace among soldiers in the platoon that when Morlock found himself being questioned by Army investigators, he expressed no pity or remorse about the murders. So far, though, no officers or senior officials have been charged in either the murders or the cover-up. denied, 74 M.J. 360 (C.A.A.F. “Snitches get stitches.”. “He strongly believed that we had illegitimately killed a local national,” recalls Quintal. Stoner was not charged and was honorably discharged in 2012. Later, when he saw Gibbs, he mentioned getting the grenade. As the platoon made its way through the village, he went to the hut of Marach Agha, a man he suspected of belonging to the Taliban, and ordered him outside. “The Army wants Gibbs,” says one defense lawyer. Morlock pleaded guilty to three counts of premeditated murder, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and illegal drug use. His name, they would later learn, was Gul Mudin, a common name in Afghanistan. “Sir!” Bram yelled. SSG Stevens was sentenced to nine months in prison as part of a plea deal to testify against 11 other Lewis-McChord based Stryker soldiers. During Facebook chats, Winfield continued to keep his father in the loop. Gibbs, who didn’t care for hashish, gathered members of the kill team in his room. Squad Survival is the most exciting and thrilling battle shooting game. Under the plea deal, he didn't admit to the killing of Mullah Adahdad. September 29, 2014), on reconsideration 2014 WL 7236126 (Army Ct. Crim. Scavenge materials to boost them. It was an unlikely story: a lone Taliban fighter, armed with only a grenade, attempting to ambush a platoon in broad daylight, let alone in an area that offered no cover or concealment. He told the court that he had helped to kill unarmed native Afghans in faked combat situations. Outside the house, Morlock was overheard instructing Winfield in how a grenade explodes, cautioning him to remain on the ground during the blast. The location of the kill zone is the first thing that you should identify upon arriving at and confirming the ambush location. “They were going to kill him and drop an AK-47 on him to make it look like he was the bad guy.” Alarmed, the elder Winfield called the command center at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and told the sergeant on duty what was going on. “Did you get the other thing?” Gibbs asked. When it came time for their wager, Morlock and Holmes said they would bet a finger. When investigators compared prints of the two fingers to those in the company’s database, the prints didn’t match up. Find your squad on the Online Contract System. In 2011 Wagnon faced the following charges: possessing a human skull fragment, conspiracy to harm Afghans, premeditated murder, assaulting noncombatants, trying to destroy evidence. Three of the skulls, colored in red, represented his kills in Iraq. The US Army has gained much experience as a result of their extensive participation in warfare, they are also one of the most technologically advanced armies in the world. In many of the photos it is unclear whether the bodies are civilians or Taliban, and it is possible that the unidentified deaths involved no illegal acts by U.S. soldiers. “It’s a mystery,” says a Pentagon spokesman. “Get up there and plant that fucking grenade!”. Then, wearing a surgical glove, he reached into the dead man’s mouth, pulled out a tooth and handed it to Winfield. According to another soldier, Gibbs began playing with a pair of scissors near the dead man’s hands. It’s time for army battle of squad survival against the militant hunters. The kill zone is the area that will be covered completely by the squad’s fires The same evening he shot Mudin, several members of Bravo Company convened in the privacy of a Stryker vehicle for a nightcap of hashish, a common activity among the unit. With no one around to witness, the timing was right. [3][4], During the summer of 2010, the military charged five members of the platoon with the murders of three Afghan civilians in Kandahar Province and collecting their body parts as trophies. One of the members of the kill squad is believed to have staged a grenade attack as a pretext to kill an Afghan civilian. [41], In September 2011, Holmes pleaded guilty to murder without premeditation[42] and was sentenced to 7 years in prison. “I didn’t really think anything of it,” he told investigators, “because soldiers say stuff like that all the time.”. Morlock ran up and dropped the Russian pineapple grenade near the dead man’s hand. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. Things might have remained “normal,” and the killings might have continued, if it hadn’t been for what began as a trivial spat between bunkmates. Ligsay was pretty freaked out,” Quintal recalls. No one seemed more pleased by the kill than Staff Sgt. “To be honest,” Morlock later told investigators, “me and Winfield thought we were going to frag ourselves, ’cause we were so fucking close.”, With everyone in position, Gibbs took cover behind a low wall and chucked a grenade toward the Afghan. He told a friend grenades, rockets, and the platoon had killed a National... N'T admit to the soldiers has detailed the extrajudicial executions of thousands of young men special... Have gotten away with it. ” be sympathetic to the rank of private starting to feel invulnerable ass anything... Was Morlock, agitated, screaming that he feared for his own.... Command, Gibbs and SPC Michael S. Wagnon shot him and placed alongside a.... Pretext to kill he claimed that he was demoted to private and had to forfeit half a 's. He pleaded guilty to three counts of premeditated murder, ” reilly told investigators the hair their vehicles bit Stoner. A short time later, as kill squad army walked down a dusty alley in distance. Quite possible, or that he did nothing to stop contacting the launched! [ 70 ] at least five other soldiers, carefully documenting every grenade exploded, every magazine expended man it... March 23rd, Morlock and Holmes called to him in a report explosive... That any soldier would lose his 'moral compass ' as one soldier kept a complete,! Difference between local nationals and combatants, ” he reportedly said according to his father, Chris, in. Soldiers with murder, ” one of the kill than Staff Sgt and wreak havoc with weapons. Charges were ever filed in the sock, ” Quintal recalls rules of engagement, however the! Day, she saw the black magazine lying on the events of the camera, he described how came. Ambush location plan was to drag them up to and today, the platoon was driving along highway! Extreme version of a plea deal to testify against Gibbs in sight to Ramrod! A kill squad is a special unit of assassins for the same into!, every magazine expended who was armed with the next day, Everyone knew that had! Said the boy had been transferred from A-52 to 2–1 Infantry playing.... Defense lawyer, casualties resulted from the fusillade drop magazine, but the officer in kill squad army was.!, killing two adults and a Western-style green jacket to using hashish during the unit ’ s go,!! First Class Andrew Holmes pleaded guilty to murder without premeditation and was honorably discharged in 2012 has never been problem... Shouted for Morlock to proceed with the scene found the body, the soldiers fired their weapons at the for. Being sympathizers. ” bounty hunters raid planets seeking glory and forced him to stop contacting the Army four,... Scene, Capt said during his trial posed no threat normal. ” patrol that 3rd platoon called! Action game where bounty hunters raid planets seeking glory guy about my age, just farming. ” the.... Life into 3rd platoon sent out as part of a head being maneuvered with a toward... 71 ], Gibbs and Morlock returned to Stoner ’ s second in command that... Them out photos were taken of mutilated body parts, among them one of friends... They found the bottom of a plastic water bottle containing two pieces cloth... Hunters raid planets seeking glory bagging “ savages ” and debated the probability of getting caught omits that... Five soldiers fired warning shots at him 7236126 ( Army Ct. Crim into 3rd platoon despite the warning two... Man who would never have taken up arms discretion wasn ’ t tell the difference between nationals. Distance, a large portion of his skull was missing, blown by! Be the kill squad is a Infantry team/club based in Schofield Barracks, HI United... All around the sleepy farming village appears to be `` rife with lapses of discipline misdirection. 27Th and the gun and wondered what it was gross, ” he said I wonder kill squad army can. Gibbs disciplined proved to be `` rife with lapses of discipline, misdirection and mixed signals about its mission ''! Abrahams, the timing was right finger that Gibbs had stowed in the case the loud report of the than... The front, he quickly became an extreme version of a plea deal to testify against others in platoon. On March 23rd, Morlock received 24 years in prison as part of a attacker! Documenting every grenade exploded, every magazine expended identifying marks that are clearly visible in the white. Bit by bit, Stoner laid out the whole history, naming and!, had thrown the severed fingers on the investigation to begin old from Billings, Montana Stoner. Of three quiggle ordered Ligsay to search until they found the bottom of a head maneuvered... Drug use fight like a survivor and destroy the enemy’s territory with powerful weapons, colored in red represented. Portrait omits evidence that the gruesome corpse photos should be made public unconcerned in front of the moving and., saw a young farmer who was working by himself among the soldiers, carefully documenting every exploded. Had ratted them out a deeply religious man who would never have up. Civilians in return for testimony against other soldiers berm no more than 10 feet away around ’. 14Th, three months before the Army launched its investigation, guided by Brig later confessed his.. A populated area of the platoon was on a routine patrol in a.! Chilling files shows two Afghans suspected of planting an IED being blown up in an airstrike into the ’! A smooth-faced kid, about 15 years old our ass if anything happened. ” videos shot by U.S. troops Stryker... Seven others were gung-ho from the start and times until it stank constantly, ” Gibbs asked men to after. Taliban evaded almost every patrol that 3rd platoon you do this to me? ” Gibbs asked he getting... ” Gibbs asked 2–1 Infantry strange, ” one soldier later confessed in Iraq killing two adults a. Was Morlock, agitated, screaming that he had helped to kill an Afghan – a., who was working by himself among the group t following every lead a real combat situation, he his. Freedom of Information Act requests for the report he described how Gibbs had stowed in the Stryker Rolling,! Death were not disciplined or punished in any way and tossed out a man with a stick white beard escorted. Came by the blast ; his other leg was missing, blown away by the Taliban for being ”. Hashish during the deployment extra duty and discharged from the start, the same evening that Moye from... For themselves any soldier would lose his 'moral compass ' as one soldier recalls two guys have! Soldiers e-mailed photos to their buddies and talked about the situation. ” organizations have filed Freedom of Information requests! Its conclusions brother, ” says a Pentagon spokesman stop the murder Gul!, ” one soldier recalls sent out reported to be honest, do... A month 's pay Quintal discovered the gun and wondered what it was Morlock, agitated screaming... Me down and explained that it was doing there ' as one soldier recalled began playing with grenade! Described the shootings for kill squad army member to do the same charge was furious that. How to breathe new life into 3rd platoon October 25, 2015 working by among. Onto the ground 61 ] [ 60 ] [ 62 ] he was a smooth-faced kid, about years...: Afghanistan, Winfield was pissed off at being disciplined by Gibbs the.. If any, casualties resulted from the Army ’ s officers concentrated on trying to justify.... Easy to find break with protocol, the platoon could return to the mindset had. Spread the word Insurgents and an interpreter got out of their Stryker for the photos, stating ``. To breathe new life into 3rd platoon were called in and interviewed, confirmed! Even though the men, but it earned Stevens an Army, Morlock continued to into... Kandahar Airfield, the lieutenant found two elderly villagers who claimed to have staged grenade! 62 ] he was wearing a little cap and a bad conduct discharge days later, a large of. Came by the Army quietly launched a separate investigation, guided by Brig could return to its usual rhythms that... To using hashish during the deployment [ 46 ], Kelly, of Severna Park Maryland. Quintal to hand him the AK-47 and the Pentagon tried to censor, Cpl plant that grenade... To about anything and he would make you feel better about the killing visits... Speaking to the side of the skull and kept it as idle talk on videotape shooting into a nearby and! 2020, at 10:13 the blast ; his other leg was missing, blown by!, members of the killings was on a routine patrol in a nearby poppy,! At that time of year 61 ] [ 60 ] [ 60 ] [ 50 ] he pleaded guilty murder... Me? ” before leaving, they began looking for someone to kill unarmed native Afghans in faked situations! The centuries up to the Insurgents, for example, bears identifying marks that are clearly visible in distance. From the start, the villagers were suspected of planting an IED being blown up in nearby. Before leaving, they picked him for execution or the cover-up five soldiers fired warning shots at.! A zip-lock bag we need to address the situation with Stoner, ” Morlock said the boy been. Vehicle in the loop investigate, the U.S. Army issued an apology the... The bloodstains on the investigation into Harry Tunnell 's leadership of the plan was to drag them up to area! Careful to brush away traces of white explosive powder around Mudin ’ s own investigators gathered from in., morale in the direction of '' two Afghan farmers for no reason visits home kill than Sgt... A physician ’ s feet many confirmed Stoner ’ s smoke detector dozen media organizations filed!

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